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International wildlife charity Born Free Foundation has a track record of putting in place highly effective field projects in response to threats faced by wildlife. In order to ensure the best possible long term support for elephants, Born Free is working with government wildlife authorities to ensure that funds raised through Bloody Ivory can be put to use in the most efficient way.

Babile Elephant Sanctuary in Ethiopia is home to Africa’s easternmost population of elephants, facing a myriad of challenges. At around 7,000 km2 there is much land to protect in the Sanctuary, but over the course of several decades, conflict, famine and inadequate law enforcement have led to increasing human settlement, land conversion, hunting and elephant poaching. The last official population estimate of 325 elephants is a decade old, but at least 100 of these have been poached within the last three years, although the true extent of the killing will only be known in due course. 

Up until 2016, law enforcement had been underfunded and poorly managed, offering little or no deterrent to elephant poachers. Now, the rangers are receiving badly needed training, the elephants are being monitored daily and poaching incidents are starting to be investigated. On a day to day basis, it is these actions that will reduce poaching pressure. 

In the near future, Born Free is planning to support the local government and communities in the management of the Sanctuary and to help develop solutions to address conflict between people and elephants competing for the same resources of space, water and food. In the meantime, the development of law enforcement remains a vital component - even the backbone of efforts - to safe-guard wildlife populations in the short and long-term.

As a donor you’ll receive updates of what your money is doing for elephants. It is a 100% fund - as administrator of this fund, Born Free will make NO deductions of any kind - every dollar, pound, euro, lira, rupee and dinar you give will go towards protecting elephants on the ground. YOU will be joining the fight to protect elephants.

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